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We are an organization where our sole focus is to provide the students like you get the opportunity to participate and explore more. We have seen people getting into programs where they just end up getting a certificate, but here at Synod, we are mainly focused on skill development. No doubt about getting certified from us on successful completion. What would you like? Just the certificate or Skill with Certificate. We all know Skill speaks and certificates are proof that what you are saying is correct. But just having a certificate that says some skills which you don’t have. The choice is yours. If you are someone looking for some skill with the certificate, then you are at the best place.

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Creates Content for the team and upcoming projects.

Creates an organizational level perspective in the audience.

You can be the face of Synod in your arena.

Planning and strategizing upcoming projects and events at organizational level.

Can you Combine marketing and social media management skills to enhance company social media presences.

Marketing that’s brand/event/topic specific.